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Where to Eat | Green Olive at Red Hill

It might be a little late to put this review up as David and I went to have lunch here before I left for Hawaii but I thought I’d do it anyway. It’s such a nice place with really nice food. Having Spanish blood in me, I’ve always had a soft spot for Spanish food or Spanish themed dishes. Tapas, paella, sangria etc. I will never say no to tapas. Ever. It’s just so much more exciting to have four (or in my case, even six sometimes) small, different dishes to share rather than just one big meal per person.
I’m not sure if you guys have heard of Red Balloon? It’s a website where you can purchase vouchers from (great idea for Christmas presents) and use them towards all sorts of experiences like sky diving, dining, driving and renting a luxury car, midweek and weekend getaways etc. We had a voucher we needed to use and that’s how I came across Green Olive at Red Hill. Of course you can still show up without having to book it through Red Balloon although I suggest that you book a table beforehand as they can get quite busy.
I’ve taken some snaps of the food and also the menu. My favourite dish would have to be the beetroot bruschetta and I’m still craving it ’til now. Actually thinking of making my own soon. Some people might think that a bit of beetroot on a slice of bread doesn’t sound that appealing but it’s the goats curd that makes the dish. So good!
beetroot bruschetta, main ridge goats curd and watercress – $12.95
 clay pot baked egg, ratatouille vegetables, white beans, ciabatta and tomato relish – $12.95
pearl cous cous and currant salad, farm grown greens and spiced yoghurt dressing – $12.95
braised lamb sliders, honey mustard slaw and tomato relish – $12.95

dark chocolate parfait, vanilla and farm made honeycomb – $12.95
They have everything you need to know on their website, which is Green Olive at Red Hill so make sure you check them out. They have their menu available online and they even have an online shop.
My boyfriend and I are foodies so if you have any suggestions of good places to go to around Melbourne, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to check it out. 🙂

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  • Great article. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Kind regards Greg

  • great post, the food looks amazing. wish they had anything like that near me 🙂
    great blog girl, very inspiring. check out my blog too.
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    • thanks angela! i love your blog too! love the outfit posts. 🙂 followed you on GFC. hope you follow back. xxx