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Where to Eat | Mama’s on Washington Square

I don’t know what’s crazier, the wait in line to be seated is about 2 hours or that people are actually waiting 2 hours to eat here! I was one of those crazy ones. I was curious as to how good this place is. I mean if people are lining up for hours here, it must be good right??
Of course it was good! Hell, it was great! It was definitely worth the wait. Once you’ve been let in, after waiting in line, you queue up to order your food. While you’re waiting, you can watch the chef preparing the meals right in front of you. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will. 
I ordered the Washington Square M’Omelette. It had spicy Italian sausage, bell peppers (we call them capsicum in Australia), tomatoes and hot pepper jack cheese. It was served with white toast and Mama’s grilled potatoes.. It was freakin’ delish!
David ordered the Canadian Bacon Eggs Benedict. It was served on muffins with a side of Mama’s grilled potatoes. That was yummy too! Those potatoes were the bomb diggity.
The main event though was their french toast. We got the Swedish Cinnamon French Toast with fresh fruit. I’m not usually one for french toast mainly because the ones that I’ve ordered in the past haven’t been that good, which I didn’t realise up until I had this one. This french toast has completely changed my mind about french toasts. It was so light and fluffy and the fruit was nice and sweet. This was like the Mother of All French Toasts. No wonder it’s called Mama’s French Toast.
French Toast word count – 7If you are ever around Washington Square in San Francisco make sure you pop in for a feed. You won’t regret it! The place is located on the corner of Filbert and Stockton Street. 🙂

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