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Weekend Daytrip to Fort Queenscliffe

So on the weekend we decided to go for a little drive towards the coast and have a nice brunch. We’ve been having such good days recently but David’s been working 6 days a week and we haven’t really had an opportunity to spend some time in the sun together.
We drove up to Ocean Grove. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne. We had brunch at this nice little cafe at Barwon Heads called Barwon Orange. Good food and great coffee, definitely recommend it. Then we went for a little stroll down the main street. I’ve been to Barwon Heads heaps of times before and I love it. I love the little cute, quirky shops and I love that it’s a coastal town.
Anyway! I was at the beach the day before and remember seeing a lighthouse in the distance. So I came up with the brilliant idea of going for another drive to go and see it! So we drove to Queenscliffe which is about a 10-15min drive from Barwon Heads and I’ve already started crazy-researching where the lighthouse is located. Found out there was not only one, but two of them! A black lighthouse and a white lighthouse and they were both located inside Fort Queenscliffe. Ended up doing a tour for 1.5 hours ($12pp) just because I wanted to see them haha.
They used to use Fort Queenscliffe back during World War I to protect the entrance to Port Phillip. Then used it as soldier training grounds later on after the war. The fort together with other forts around the area, made Port Phillip one of the most heavily guarded harbours in the British Empire.
The guide also told us an interesting story of how the Japanese managed to take photos of the inside of the Fort without getting noticed. The Japanese soldiers went around the world for a year spying on their enemies using a submarine and a spy plane that they assembled together once the submarine has come up to the surface. The spy plane would then be flown by a pilot over the enemy’s base and was used to take photos. It was then flown back to the submarine, got disassembled and off they go again. The pilot of that spy plane visited Fort Queenscliffe about six or seven years ago and apparently the only thing he remembers were the colourful roofs of Melbourne that he flew over.
Fort Queenscliffe Black Lighthouse – One of only three black lighthouses in the world.
The tour didn’t bother me because I love history and I love hearing and learning something new about places. I found out that the black lighthouse they have in Fort Queenscliffe is one of only three in the world. Crazy right? One in Queenscliffe, Australia, one in Cork, Ireland and the other is in Texas, US. The Scottish people drew up the plan for this lighthouse and sent it over to Australia to put together, like a jigsaw puzzle.
Here’s the white lighthouse, plans for this were also made by the Scottish people and sent over to Australia to build.
The Disappearing Gun
This ‘gun’ is quite fascinating, even though it looks more like a cannon to me. The whole thing is resting on liquid mercury below the surface so you can move it easily. So the point of it is once the gun shoots, it retracts and goes below ground level, therefore, when the enemy decides to fire back and shoot this gun, they won’t be able to see it. Also helped the soldiers to quickly reload it, once it retracted.
The old radio the soldiers used.
If you’ve never seen a sea mine before, well here you go.
Quite a bit of history there for you my lovelies. We all learn something new each day, don’t we? I love me a bit of history every now and again. Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved telling you guys about it.
Until the next post!

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