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San Francisco USA

San Francisco

Our first 5 days of our USA trip were spent in semi-sunny San Francisco. We’re staying a total of 7 days in SFO. The first 5 now and the other 2 days will be our last 2 days in America, en route back to Australia.
Everyone I spoke to about our trip who’ve been to San Francisco always had a good thing or two to say about this place. So while I sit at the airport, waiting to board our flight to Seattle, sipping on my terrible cup of coffee (I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a coffee snob.. but I am from Melbourne), I thought I’d do a blog post about it.

San Francisco has been nothing short of great. The architecture, the views, the people, the food have all been awesome.
I took some photos while wandering around the city. Some photos were taken with my iPhone because typical me, remembered to bring my camera but forgot to grab the SD card….

We ate our way through San Francisco. One night, because we were staying in the Mission District we thought we would go check out this famous place called La Taqueria. The line was so ridiculously long and there weren’t any free tables. I mean I would’ve waited because I’m guessing it would’ve been worth it but my gut was grumbling and I can’t really think straight when I’m hungry. So I decided we would go back to try it out later on. On our last 2 days in San Fran.
There was another place that had a massive queue. It’s called Mama’s and it’s on Washington Square. This time I came prepared. I had a snack before we left our AirBnb apartment – smart move, considering we waited at least 2 hours to get a table. We came to grab breakfast but ended up not getting in until 2pm. A bit cray cray! The food was sooo good though. I’m gonna put up a separate post about it so I can talk about it in more detail. I’m still dreaming about their french toast.

When you go to San Francisco, you will definitely need more than 5 days to see the place. It’s massive and I like it because there’s so many different parts of it. Like you’ve got SoMa which has got food trucks and warehouses that have been converted to creative office spaces, then you’ve got the Mission District which can be a bit rough at first glance but you’ll fall in love with it, then there’s Fisherman’s Wharf with clam chowder in all its glory and the Marina that has some nice restaurants and shops and it kind of reminds me of Brunswick Street in Fitzroy back in Melbourne.

I’ve had to finish this post off at my Aunty’s house in Seattle. I just woke up and I’m looking out the window towards a paddock. So nice and peaceful.

Overall, we had a great time. I am quite happy we get to go back for another 2 nights because I just realised, omg, I FORGOT TO RIDE A CABLECAR. sadface.

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