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Making the header photo for this post, I wasn’t quite entirely sure of what I was going to write. I just knew that I wanted to write about my love for travel. So here I am typing away, still unsure of what to say.
I guess it would be appropriate to tell you first how it all began. I discovered my love for travel when I was about 19. I finished highschool when I was 18, moved to Australia still unsure on what to do with my life. I needed a bit of cash so I took up a job at this fastfood place. About a year and a half in and feeling quite unhappy with life, I decided that it was time to get back into studying. At this point, I still wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. My mum and step dad sat me down and asked me a whole bunch of questions and one of them was do you like travelling, I said yes. And they said then why don’t you become a travel agent. The idea at the time appealed to me as I fast forwarded to when I finished the course and having my own desk, working a 9-5 job no weekends. That was my dream at the time.
The problem is that after doing my course I ended up getting a job at a wholesale travel company, meaning it was a call centre. There was nothing more I hated. I hated the routine, I hated that the place didn’t have windows, I hated that I left for work at 7am and didn’t get home ’til 7pm. I was miserable. There were a few good things that came out of it though, like the free trips and the few good people that I met through the job.
You got free trips, suck it up you ungrateful beyotch. 
Whoaaa. Calm ya farm. I’m not saying that I wasn’t lucky, I was very grateful that I got to experience what I did. The job paid the bills but towards the end it was just that – a job that paid the bills. I’m just saying that it just wasn’t for me. It’s the same with how I don’t see myself owning my own house any time soon because all I can think about at the moment is where to go next. Sometimes I think I’m a little bit crazy. Everyone around me seems to be saving up for a house and settling down. And here I am constantly dreaming of my next travel adventure. It’s also kind of hard when your partner isn’t big on travelling. He thinks travelling is all about spending money and sitting on a beach sipping on cocktails – a reward. I think travelling is a necessity. It helps you keep your mind open, helps you experience new things and learn new things. You get to push yourself out of your comfort zone and accomplish things you never knew you were capable of. That in itself is amazing. You meet new people that could change the way you see things and the way you live your life. I think that’s very important in this day and age.
I am currently in the process of planning our Europe trip for later this year – my 9th trip in the span of 5 years. I’ve also managed to convince David to come so I’m quite excited that I’ll get to share this experience with him. 
If you are like me who just can’t stop thinking about travelling and are already thinking of your next trip, here are some useful apps/websites to get stuck into if you’re thinking of doing it on the cheap:
Skyscanner – Easy to use flight, hotel and car rental comparison app.
STA Travel – Apart from the cheap flights they have on offer they also offer the option for you to layby your flights.
Couchsurfing – My experience was a positive one but I can’t vouch for everyone.
Hostelworld – Pretty handy app and quite easy to use if you are searching for a cheap place to spend the night.
Busabout – Similar to contiki except cheaper, they do group tours except you have the option to do a hop on hop off tour.
Kayak – Similar to skyscanner.
MindMyHouse – If you feel like house-sitting for someone and in exchange you get to stay for free!
If you have any suggestions/advice for travelling in Europe, please let me know in the comments below!

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