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Seattle | Pike Place Photo Diary

Seattle is a very lovely place. We stayed at my aunty’s place for 8 nights and quite enjoyed a bit of downtime. We did some¬†sightseeing here and there but we mainly spent time doing family stuff like going to the movies, going to my favourite Filipino takeaway place that we don’t have back in Australia (Jollibee) and doing some grocery shopping and making dinner for my cousins. Our bedroom had a massive window that overlooked a paddock and in the afternoon I’d sit up on our bed and read a book. Some days they had these jets who were, practicing I guess, for an airshow and I felt like I got a front seat to a private show. :]
I haven’t seen my aunty for about 5 years so it was really good to catch up and for her to finally meet David.
These photos were taken on one of the days we headed out to do some sightseeing in the city, specifically, The Pike Place Market.

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  • Ellie Adams

    Seattle has always been somewhere on my bucket list that I’d love to travel to (maybe it’s because of Grey’s anatomy, maybe not, ha!). It looks so gorgeous though, with so much character. The Pike place market looks amazing!


    • Hi Ellie! The Pike Place is defs a must do when you’re in Seattle! We stayed in Parkland which is like 45 minutes out of Seattle and we felt like locals. Literally doing our own grocery shopping and everything. Their supermarkets are triple, if not, quadruple the size of the supermarkets we have in Australia. They have like 50 different types of bacon, 2 isles of lolly dispensers etc. It was like dying and going to food heaven. xD

  • What a great collection of photos! I feel like going to Seattle now! It is just a short ferry ride away from me

    • Thank you Laura! Are you in Victoria BC? We were going to catch the Victorian Clipper but we ended up driving to Vancouver instead! Victoria looks so nice. xx