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P&O Cruise Holiday – Pacific Islands

Mystery Island Jetty Shot
Hey everyone! I recently just got back from a cruise and thought I’d share my experience with you.
The girls and I went on a 10 night Pacific Islands cruise with P&O – Pacific Jewel and I can happily say that this is probably the most relaxing holiday I’ve ever been on. I would definitely recommend it for anyone – no matter the age. The service was fantastic and the crew were very helpful and friendly. 

We stayed a night in Sydney before the cruise departed. I’ve never been to Sydney before and I really enjoyed it. We went to Hardrock Cafe and spent the whole day doing our last minute shopping. We found this place that did $7 cocktails all night so that’s where we decided to spend our one night in Sydney. 🙂




The cruise departed late October and the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. From the day we left Sydney, to the day we docked, the sun was out the entire time. 
It took us 3 and a half days to get to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Some of the people I spoke to couldn’t wait to get to the first island.. It honestly didn’t bother me. I didn’t care how long I stayed on the ship for.. I just didn’t want the holiday to end! Port Vila is a nice place. Since this is the only island that had most of the shore excursions we decided to do a couple of them. The cascade waterfalls and the Zego tour. We were advised by family and friends that have previously done this trip that the best way to see the island is to hire a driver directly and negotiate a good price with them. Just a quick TIP before you jump in that cab/van, I suggest you clarify with the driver the places you want to go to and how much exactly it would cost you. Our driver, Geoff, is a really nice guy.. or at least we thought he was until he jibbed us! He told us that he usually charges $5 per person but he’ll do $5 for all of us. Sounded pretty good so we agreed for him to take us. He took us to the cascade waterfalls and he also suggested that we stop at hideaway cafe (which was shut for a private function!) to grab some lunch after. On our way back, just as we were about to get off, we asked him how much we owed him. Mind you, here I am holding a $10 note in my hand, thinking that he was going to be a happy man considering I was tipping him an extra $5. He ended up telling us that we owe him AUD $150 – $75 per 2 people. WHAAAT. He then told us that the $5 was to take us to town and back and that to take us to hideaway cafe cost more. I KNEW IT. That hideaway cafe was a TRAP (insert curse words here). Anyway, because we didn’t have enough cash on us we ended up giving him AUD $122. He couldn’t argue as we were running late for our Zego tour which by the way is amazing. It’s just like riding a jet ski, only with a zego, there is no way you will tip over. Perfect for people like me, who are scared of getting eaten by sharks. 🙂  
Zego ride with Nadia
We didn’t do much on the second island – Mystery Island, still in Vanuatu. We snorkeled for a little while then we sipped on rum punches while we tanned on the beach for the rest of the day. The ‘paradise’ photo up the top was taken at Mystery Island. We have the island theme night later tonight. Ashley and Melissa shopped for grass skirts while Nadia and I sat on the deck eating chicken wraps. Island theme night is easily my favourite night.
Third island stop is Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. Stunning. Locals are friendly and the beach is beautiful. My favourite part was when Nadia and I shared half a lobster for lunch while we sat by the beach watching the waves crash.


Doesn’t it just look amazing?
Last stop was Noumea, New Caledonia!! Busy city. The wake up call. The reminder that we will soon be going home to a city even busier than this! We were all getting a little bit sad that the trip is soon coming to an end.
Melissa purchased a bongo drum and we all got toe rings as souvenirs. My French skills were put to the test when a shopkeeper greeted me in French. It wasn’t easy imitating the way she said ‘Bonjour!’ on the spot. Kudos to me, thank you very much!
Even though at the start we all got sea sick, towards the end of the trip there was nothing we wanted more but to live on that ship. 
Thanks to Ginny our waitress at the waterfront restaurant, table # 173. She always had riddles and puzzles for us after dinner to keep us busy while we finished our bottle of wine.
It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely do another cruise in the future.
Are you planning to go on a similar cruise? Let me know and I might have some handy tips! And also so I can brood over my post holiday depression even more!

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