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New York City ILYSFM! | A Visual Diary of NYC: Part 1

Ever had a dream so great you didn’t want to wake up just yet? But then you do and so you close your eyes to try to go back to sleep but just can’t? Now I’m wide awake but it feels like I’m having a nightmare (LOL). This nightmare is called post-New York City blues. Sigh. After 10 days, our NYC adventure has come to an end. :< I’m gonna miss the busyness of this city, the food trucks, the food, the pizza, the brunch places, the lunch places, the afternoon snack places, the dinner spots.. I’m gonna miss our afternoon walks in Central Park, the beautiful architecture in every corner, the interesting people in the Subway, the street performers. Safe to say, we never got bored in New York. There was always something going on. Here are some photos that I took while we were over there. wmm-nycstreetwmm-ntshwmm-bslc

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