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Italy: Rome, Amalfi Coast & Pompeii

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Rome is such a beautiful city full of pretty sites to explore with so much history behind it. Unfortunately, we were only in Rome for four days. We tried to make the most out of our trip to Rome so we decided to book a day trip to the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii. If I remember right, we booked it through Viator. It wasn’t cheap but it was definitely well worth it. If you’re visiting Rome, I suggest you do a day trip or stay in the Amalfi.. you won’t regret it! I’ve said it before in my Instagram posts and I’ll say it again – photos don’t give this place justice. Just a heads up, this post is photo-heavy!

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Three of the four days in Rome were spent sightseeing. We stayed at a guesthouse at Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore (had to recheck that spelling 4 times). There were plenty of things to do. We ate gelato, pasta, more pasta, cakes, sandwiches and more pasta. What I loved about Rome is that it felt like every street corner you turned, every Roman alley way you walked down had so much character that it was a sight in itself.

We also visited Vatican City on one of the days. The following photos were taken at the Vatican.

The following photos were taken during our daytrip top the Amalfi Coast.

When we arrived at Positano, the tour guide mentioned the Black Spaghetti that they serve at this restaurant called Chez Black. I decided to try it, because why not? It’s not very photogenic I must admit but it tastes a lot nicer than it looks, I promise! It’s spaghetti with squid ink and bits of calamari through it.amalfi-1amalfi-2 amalfi-3

This photo reminded me of the toilets in Amalfi. I remember needing to go and my friend and I saw the toilet sign so we walked down the steps then were quite surprised to see the toilets had a freakin’ turnstile gate on the way out! Haha. I knew you had to pay to go to some of the toilets but never realised it was this implemented.amalfi-4

The following photos were taken in Pompeii. I did a report about Pompeii back in year 6 or 7 and it’s always intrigued me. The thought of a city being buried under volcanic ash and dirt for over 1,500 years – all the history, the way of life and all the objects and artifacts most of which were preserved, it all just fascinates me.pompeii-1 pompeii-2

Most houses didn’t have windows so the people improvised and painted them on.pompeii-5

It’s currently winter in Australia right now and all these photos are making me miss the hot Italian summer. Some of these photos I forgot I had so it’s great to have a blog like this where I can look back on it in the future and be reminded of all the great memories just by scrolling through the photos. 🙂

Mary x

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