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I’m in America!

I think I mentioned briefly in the previous post that I had a trip booked to America and we’re going for a month. We arrived in San Francisco today and have been exploring a little bit of the area we’re staying at.Β We’re using AirBnBΒ to book most of our accommodation.
Currently, I am sat on the bed, typing away, while eating my bowl of my Lucky Charms cereal.. It’s 5:46pm here but its 11:46am in Melbourne so technically I’m brunching on cereal. My body is a little confuzzled at the moment, it doesn’t really know what time it is. πŸ™
We’re staying in the Mission District for five nights then moving on to Seattle for eight nights, then NYC for ten, LA for five and the last two nights will be spent in San Francisco again.
Also, amidst all this, my boyfriend of 7 years proposed on the weekend! πŸ™‚ I am officially an engaged woman. Haha.
Speaking of which, he just got out of the shower so we are about to discuss what we’re having for dinner. Also because let’s face it, cereal never fills you up. 😐 I’m off for now. Follow along on Instagram for more photos of my trip. It’s a new account so please bear with me. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

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