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Greece: Santorini

santorini-photos-2Santorini, like the rest of Greece, is breathtaking. I’m in love with the white and blue buildings. The sunset. The cobbled streets. The food. Pretty much everything apart from the steps (my fitness level was put to the test and even though we laughed about it at the time, it still kinda hurts).

My friend Sam and I stayed at a hotel a few minutes out of Oia which was fine because our hotel offered complimentary shuttle transfers to and from Oia. We got lost on our first day.. the bus that we took from Thira dropped us off in front of this dodgy looking house in the middle of nowhere. It looked like no one lived in it. We booked the hotel last minute so we didn’t have a chance to check what the front of the hotel looked like. With no internet access, we decided we’d try our luck and see if anyone was home so we could get directions. We lugged our suitcases down the dirt driveway and soon realised that it was an impractical idea so Sam stayed back and kept an eye on them while I went and looked around for someone to help us. I swear it felt like we were in the desert surrounded by tumbleweeds and cacti. By this time we both had our fingers and toes crossed, hoping this wasn’t the hotel we booked. Just as I was about to knock on the door, a white van pulls up and this man, who barely spoke English came up to us and asked us if we were staying at Soulis Apartments. What a lifesaver. He then proceeded to take our suitcases. The hotel was, no joke, 300 metres up the road from where we were but it was a winding road so we couldn’t see that far ahead. Apparently, the hotel receptionist spotted us (she described us as two girls with massive suitcases) from her office. Bless her.

These photos were taken at Oia. The amount of people that came to watch the sunset was crazy. Santorini had nice restaurants and quaint little shops. Our favourite shops were the ones that had air-conditioning. Haha.

santorini-photos-8-1024x683santorini-photos-3santorini-photos-4 santorini-photos-5 santorini-photos-6 santorini-photos-7

santorini-photos-9 santorini-photos-10 santorini-photos-11 santorini-1 santorini-2 santorini-3 santorini-4santorini-photos-12 santorini-photos-13 santorini-photos-14 santorini-photos


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