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Tasty Tuesday | Fish Tacos

Tasty Tuesday starts today! Exciting stuff.
I’ve got fish tacos in soft shell for you guys today and I hope you enjoy! This is a good recipe if you’re having pescatarians over for lunch/dinner or if you just want to try something else apart from the usual meaty mince taco.
I started by coating the fish fillets in flour, mixed with salt and pepper for seasoning. It’s up to you what sort of fish you want to use as long as it’s white meat. I used barramundi fillets that I got from our local deli. I used a little bit of olive oil and pan fried it until the fish was golden brown. 
*Fish is cooked once it loses it’s translucency. So when it goes opaque, take it off the heat. The fish will usually keep cooking a minute or two after you take it off the heat.

I don’t think I’ve used the word fish this many times in my life.. just sayin’!

While the fish was cooking, I made salsa with diced tomatoes, red onion and dried coriander.
I also sliced some lime to go with it. Once the fish has finished cooking, I mixed the salad leaves, salsa, and fish in the wraps. 

These little bad boys are quite filling. I could only manage to eat one of them! 
If you do decide to try them, let me know how you go!! Goes down really well with a glass of cider. 😉

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