what makes mary


hello! i’m mary and welcome to what makes mary!
on here, i document my travel and food affairs and musings about life.
i’m pretty easy-going. i’m fueled by coffee and wine. i love good food and enjoy exploring new cities just as much as the next person. i gave up my 9-5 desk job to work at a cafe and pour coffee for a living. i’m not one for routine; i enjoy challenges and embrace change. i like to incorporate a bit of variety in my life.

my family moved from the philippines to australia in 2008 and my love for travel was born shortly after. i enjoy meeting new people because everyone has a story to tell and i like to listen.
when i’m not looking up cheap flights, i’m usually reading a book, googling how-to’s and/or stuffing my face.
i love puns, even though i’m terrible at them. i also love dumplings, my boyfriend fiancé david, winter, making lists and chai lattes in a mug. brunch is always fun.

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